First flights from the US to Vietnam in covid-19

Vietnam is considered one of the best control countries of Covid-19 in the world and has become a "pioneer" for effective prevention. We carry out humanely the mission of bringing Vietnamese citizens back to Vietnam, in order to promptly meet the needs of the people, and at the same time ensure that disease sources are not allowed to enter Vietnam.

Although domestic airlines make great efforts to bring Vietnamese citizens home, they still cannot meet all the great demand of overseas Vietnamese. With experience in providing leading charter flight in Vietnam, WorldTrans has received many requests to charter flight to transport Vietnamese citizens who are abroad.

WorldTrans actively connects with airlines around the world to provide a wide range of small jet aircraft to large air transport aircraft such as Boeing, Airbus suitable for each customer, from the mainstream For example, VIP group can choose the modern jet line to take the initiative in time and privacy. In addition, customers can also choose share flights at a cost that fits your budget.

In its bold solutions, WorldTrans dispatched aircraft from many countries around the world to Vietnam and vice versa, and the direct flight from Dallas to Ho Chi Minh City was carried out by the latest Bombardier Global aircraft. The Express G6000, produced in 2019, is a high-speed jet with 13 seats carrying VIP passengers.

The service from the ground to the top is not strictly complied with regulations of the Ministry of Health on Covid-19 epidemic prevention. Immediately after landing at Tan Son Nhat airport, all passengers are undergo health check and concentrated isolation as prescribed.

Airplane Bombardier Global Express G6000 After completing the mission, the entire cockpit, passenger compartment, cargo hold were also disinfected and returned to Dallas airport. Passengers are very pleased with the benefits of this flight.

Các khách hàng doanh nhân trên chuyến bay riêng từ Dallas về Việt Nam do WorldTrans khai thác

Doanh nhân Nguyễn Tu Mi trên chuyến bay riêng từ Dallas về Việt Nam do WorldTrans khai thác vào ngày 15/7 vừa qua

This first jet flight from the US to Vietnam is considered an outstanding "mark", marking a strong transformation of WorldTrans in the field of "charter charter flights" in Vietnam, especially with private high-end aircraft.

Sharing about this charter service, Mr. Vu Duc Bien - Chairman and CEO of WorldTrans said: WorldTrans - the leading aviation solutions provider in Vietnam, with the motto "Simply is the best", we are ready to provide aviation solutions from the simplest to the most complex with the best quality.

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